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Cleopatra is a symbol of female empowerment, reigning during a time when men predominantly dominated the world. Renowned for her intelligence, beauty, agility, and diplomatic prowess, Cleopatra continues to inspire women worldwide.


Cleopatra stands approximately 19.5 cm tall.

Materials used

  • Crafted from 100% cotton yarn
  • A fusion of 60% Viscose and 40% Sinflex metalized polyester for intricate gold embellishments:
  • Adorned with plastic safety eyes
  • Filled with premium polyester fibrefill
  • Embellished with intricate embroidery thread


Customization and Pre-orders:

In the event that you find Cleopatra temporarily unavailable or wish to personalize her with a different color combination, we welcome pre-orders to accommodate your preferences.


Safety Considerations:
Please exercise caution around small plastic parts. Children under 3 years old should not engage in unsupervised play with Jane.

Care Recommendations:

We recommend gentle spot cleaning in the event of any dirt or stains.


Please note that this listing exclusively includes Cleopatra doll, and the props featured in the photographs serve only as decorative elements.


Designer - Carla Mitrani



Pre-order / Customization timeframe takes 2 to 3 weeks per item from creation to delivery.
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