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Our versatile handmade crocheted Angelis  a divine presence that watches over and fills your heart with hope and peace. Standing gracefully at 23.5 cm tall, this exquisite angel isn't just a decoration; she's a symbol of protection and serenity.


Adorn your tree or wall - hang this beautiful angel on your Christmas tree, where she becomes a constant reminder of the gentle, divine presence that watches over us all. We offer the option to include a transparent nylon string or ribbon for easy display, allowing you to also use her as a charming wall decoration.


Materials Used:

- Crafted from 100% cotton yarn 

- Adorned with plastic safety eyes

- Filled with premium polyester fibrefill

- Embellished with intricate embroidery thread


Customization and Pre-orders:

If your desired angel is temporarily unavailable or if you prefer a different color palette, we gladly accept pre-orders, enabling you to personalize your angel to your liking.


Safety Considerations:

To ensure the safety of young children due to small plastic parts, please supervise playtime with Angel for those under 3 years old.


Care Recommendations:

To maintain the angel's pristine appearance, we recommend gentle spot cleaning in the event she returns with a touch of dirt.


Please note that this listing exclusively features the Angel, and the props seen in the photographs are not included.


Designer - Carla Mitrani

Guardian and Christmas Angel in One

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