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Penguin ? inspired by San-X's charming Sumikko Gurashi characters. P


enguin ? is an adorable little penguin who often finds himself questioning his own identity, hence the question mark after his name. Despite his lack of self-confidence, he's sure to win your heart with his undeniable cuteness.


A little background on Sumikkogurashi characters:"Sumikkogurashi" (すみっコぐらし) are a group of characters who lead quiet and solitary lives in the corners. They feel most at ease when nestled in a cozy corner, and they tend to avoid the bustling center of the room. Whenever they find themselves in the center, they hastily scurry back to their beloved corners. (Source: San-X official website -


Penguin ? stands at a petite 9 cm in height, and his charming hat is securely sewn onto his head.

Materials used:

  • Crafted from 100% cotton yarn
  • Adorned with plastic safety eyes
  • Filled with premium polyester fibrefill
  • Embellished with intricate embroidery thread


Customization and Pre-orders:

For your convenience, pre-orders are available if Penguin ? happens to be out of stock or if you prefer a different color combination to suit your taste.


Safety Considerations:

Please be aware that due to the presence of small plastic parts, it's essential to supervise children under 3 years old while they play with this adorable character.


Care Recommendations:

In case this little cutie gets into some playful messes, we recommend a gentle spot wash to keep him looking his best.


This listing exclusively includes Penguin ?, and the decorative props seen in the photographs are not included.


Designer - Erinna Lee


Penguin ? - Summikogurashi

Pre-order / Customization timeframe takes 2 to 3 weeks per item from creation to delivery.
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