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Looking to brighten up your space without the hassle of plant care? These charming handmade flower pots might be just what you need! Perfect for those who may not possess the greenest of thumbs, these delightful pots are a low-maintenance solution. Whether adorning your window sills, bookshelves, or office desks, they bring a touch of nature with little effort required. Plus, they make for wonderful gifts, either individually or as a complete set.


The Pots come in two sizes: approximately 9 cm (for the gopher and upside-down bunny) and 12 cm (for the tulip), making them versatile for various spaces and arrangements.

Materials used:

  • Crafted from 100% cotton yarn
  • Adorned with plastic safety eyes
  • Filled with premium polyester fibrefill
  • Embellished with intricate embroidery thread


Customization and Pre-orders:

For your convenience, pre-orders are available in case The Pots are temporarily out of stock or if you prefer different color combinations to suit your decor.


Safety Considerations:

Please note that, due to the presence of small plastic parts, these charming pots should not be left unsupervised with children under 3 years old.


Care Recommendations:

In case they gather a bit of dust or dirt over time, we recommend a gentle spot wash to refresh their appearance.


This listing exclusively includes The Pots, and the decorative props seen in the photographs are not included.


Designer - Erinna Lee

The Pots

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